Posted by: ramrajya | August 11, 2010

ATM sex center in Kancheepuram..

ATM sex center in Kancheepuram..
Junior Vikatan Tamil weekly in its issue dated 15-8-2010 states that ATMs are being used by college students as sex centers and they have received some video clippings showing the pictures of some college students are doing these shameful activities near the College ATMs. We have also published some of those pictures.

Junior Vikatan reporters went to some places near Kancheepuram, to find out these unwanted activities and at last they found it happened in one of the ATM centre near the college. Students usually come to ATM for withdrawing the money, but they did extra sex activities. Junior Vikatan questioned the Security, telling some young people are inside the cabin for more than 10 minutes, then the security knocked the door and then one young boy and girl came out side.

Parents are sending their children to College by spending their hard earned money, but their children’s are not remembering their affectionate faces and doing these shameful activities.

We are explaining the story as it is in Junior Vikatan issue dated 15-8-2010.



  1. vara eadama kidaikkalaiya

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