Posted by: ramrajya | August 13, 2010

Disgrace for Kalaignar if he accepts the Title Second Ghazni.

Disgrace for Kalaignar if he accepts the Title Second Ghazni.

To invite Kalaignar Karunanidhi for the inauguration of the Chennai Kattupalli desalination Plant at Minjur on July 31, from Tiruvottiyur to Minjur DMK party men exhibited banners describing Karunanidhi in several manners and also a banner greeting him as Second Ghazni of India. In our opinion Mohammed Ghazni invaded India and destroyed several Hindu Temples. Kalaignar even though a strong atheist, he will not definitely agree with Ghaznis atrocities done towards Hindustan. Here I am telling a bit of invasion story of Ghazni towards India.

Alptagin a Turk leaving the services of his master in northern Persia penetrated into Afghanistan and set up a small kingdom with its centre at Ghazni. In 962 Subuktigin a slave who succeeded him was the first Muslim to attempt the invasion in India Subukthigin was succeeded in 997 by his son Mohammed. He waged a Jihad against the idolaters of Hindustan. It is calculated that between the years 1000 and 1026 he raided India seventeen times, traversing the ground between the Indus and Ganges. We learn from the history he slew tens of thousands of Hindus and took crowds of slaves. On one occasion he stormed the fortress of Kangra [Nagarkot] where the Hindus grandees kept their wealth, and thus came into possession of immense stores of treasure and jewels. Muslim annalists say the spoils he took with him to Ghazni must have been colossal.

Mohammed Ghazni another achievement was the capture of Somanath, in Gujarat, in 1025-26. It is said that one hundred thousand pilgrims used to assemble at its costly temple, which was served by one thousand Brahmin priests. Is fame and wealth of its gems enticed Ghazni to make the exhausting march across the Rajputana desert from Multan. To the dumb amazement of its protectors he sacked the place, carrying off to Ghazni the famous golden gate of the temple and treasure worth one million pounds sterling. Lastly the Ghazni dynasty was short lived A nephew of the man who sacked Ghazni eventually set up his throne there commonly known as Mohammed Ghori. Little remains there only to day to remember Ghaznis name. In the name of Jihad Ghazni has not earned anything but a curse only from lakhs of Hindu people.

Kalaignar only told that Temples should not be a hiding place for immoral people and Devotion should not become as false outward show. This will stand good for all religion. If Kalaignar accepts that he as a Second Ghazni that will bring only disgrace to him.


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