Posted by: ramrajya | August 28, 2010

Vethathri Maharishi and Kalaignar Brahmin Yoga Guru Desikachari.

Vethathri Maharishi and Kalaignar Brahmin Yoga Guru Desikachari.

Even though Kalaignar Karunanidhi having the habit of always criticizing the Brahmin Community, he openly admits that he is undergoing Yoga training under a Brahmin Guru by name Desikachary. Participating in the centenary celebration of Vethathiri Maharishi organised in Chennai by the World Community Service Centre, Mr Karunanidhi said to attract the people, and the spiritual leader did not use magical powers or claim that he was in contact with god. As he had possessed rationalism that would help people to realise themselves, his teachings and messages were still adored. His teaching comprises an integrated system of simple daily exercises, meditation, introspection and his philosophy of pantheistic monism..

Ramalinga Adigal (1823-1874) and Vethathiri Maharishi were conscious of the influence of superstitions on people and they strove for showing the correct path to the public, Kalaignar Karunanidhi also said that he is also having a Yoga Guru by name Desikachary with home he is practicing the daily Yoga exercises. He also told that if we do the exercises regularly, we can live long and do some good thing to our country. We also appreciate Karunanidhi for having Yoga training under a Brahmin Guru.

Dinamalar News Paper has explained Kalaignar Karunanidhis speeches in its issue dated 15-8-2010 and we are telling the same thro “You Tube.”


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