Posted by: ramrajya | September 2, 2010

Dharmapuri or Kovai or Godhra or Madurai Dinakaran Office attack all are Barbaric Act.

Dharmapuri or Kovai or Godhra or Madurai Dinakaran Office attack all are Barbaric Act.

Wherever looting, throwing petrol Bomb setting fire to any office or bus by unwanted elements will be a barbaric act only. But justice awarded by Courts for these anti social people were in a different way and the reasons is not known to us.

The 1998 Coimbatore bombings occurred on Saturday, February 14 1998, in the city of Coimbatore aiming the BJP Leader L.K.Advani Meeting., Tamil Nadu, India. 46 persons – 35 men, 10 women and one child – were killed and over 200 injured in 13 bomb attacks in 11 places , all of them within a 12km radius, 4 bombs were planted at R S Puram area, two near Bus Stand, 1 near Coimbatore Medical College Hospital and at Ukkadam area. These car bombs were the work of Muslim fundamentalist group “Al Umma” which had a strong presence in Coimbatore. Abdul Nazar Madani leader of Peoples Democratic Party involved in Coimbatore Bomb Blast Case was not punished.

On 27 February, 2002, Sabarmathi Express train stopped at Godhra station only for 5 minutes, 7.42 to 7.47 AM. The train was stopped at 7.48 AM just outside the station and there was stone-throwing between 7.48 to 8.00 AM. At 8.05 AM the train was stopped again and then between 8.05 – 8.17 AM the coach S6 and S7 was set on fire. It passes imagination how Muslim activists made the necessary preparations to perform its devilish design and executed its plan in just 12 minutes! In any case, the majority of all those who perished in the burning of ill-fated coach were Karsevaks, falls to pieces. No activists were given punishment in this tragic incident.

All the 17 accused for burning three employees of the Tamil daily Dinakaran in the Madurai office in May 2007 have been set free by a Tamil Nadu court as the key witnesses turned hostile. The accused were acquitted by the principal district sessions court on Wednesday.

The attack on the Dinakaran office allegedly by Alagiri’s supporters happened after the daily published a survey that said Dayanidhi Maran – son of late Murasoli Maran and a nephew of Karunanidhi – ranked ahead of Alagiri, the DMK’s strongman from Madurai, in popularity. Vinoth, Gopi and Muthupandi died when the Dinakaran office was burnt. The incident was recorded on video by several news channels.

The Supreme Court on Monday [30-8-2010] awarded the death penalty to three AIADMK activists for setting afire to Agricultural university bus in Tamil Nadu’s Dharmapuri town on February 2, 2000, which resulted in the death of three girls. A barbaric act, says Supreme Court.

We are unable to understand how the extremist’s committed serious crime in places other than Dharmapuri were let off and now what is the reason in punishing the AIADMK party men. Whether the relatives will not grieve for the demise of their kin’s in Godra, Coimbatore and Madurai riots. A Barbaric act means it will sound for all the cruelties done to humanity irrespective of places.


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