Posted by: ramrajya | September 25, 2010

Actor’s Vijayakanth and Sarath Kumar challenge DMK Party.

Actor’s Vijayakanth and Sarath Kumar challenge DMK Party.

More employment opportunities must be created for the youth, said founder-president of Akila India Samaththuva Makkal Katchi (AISMK) [அகில இந்திய சமத்துவ மக்கள் கட்சி] R. Sarath Kumar in Tuticorin on Saturday. Addressing a public meeting, he also said that the government should extend free education to students pursuing professional courses and he assured he will never go to DMK Party.

Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK) (Tamil: தேசிய முற்போக்கு திராவிடக் கழகம் meaning National Progressive Dravidian Federation) is a regional political party formed by Tamil film Actor Vijayakanth in Tamil Nadu along the lines of the regional Dravidian political parties. Actor Vijayakanth DMDK party is remarkable for the fact that it did not align with any other party during elections.

On 18-9-2010 at a meeting in Chennai he told that Karunanidhi following the footstep of Periyar is wearying a red stone ring and having a yellow towel on his shoulder. He told that with people support DMDK party will won the coming Tamil Nadu Assembly elections.

For more news please listen to “You Tube” Video.

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