Posted by: ramrajya | December 13, 2010

Is Nira Radia foreign Agent? Some more Tapes of Kanimozhi.

Is Nira Radia foreign Agent? Some more Tapes of Kanimozhi.

The government of India on Friday 10-11-2010 strongly defended the interception of Niira Radia’s telephones, saying that this was done because of a probe into a complaint alleging that she “was an agent of foreign intelligence agencies” and was “indulging in anti-national activities”.

A joint affidavit filed by the ministries of home and finance as well as the Income Tax department said, “A complaint was received by the finance minister dated November 16, 2007, inter alia, alleging that Ms Radia had, within a short span of 9 years, built up a business empire worth Rs 300 crores, that she was an agent of foreign intelligence agencies and that she was indulging in antinational activities. On this complaint, it was directed that the matter should be examined.”

The affidavit was filed in response to industrialist Ratan Tata’s petition that leak of intercepted conversations of Radia, a corporate communications consultant engaged by the Tata group, breached his right to privacy. He made the ministries of finance and home, along with the CBI and the I-T department, respondents.

Supreme Court bench, comprising Justices G S Singhvi and A K Ganguly, on December 2 had issued notices to all the four respondents. In its affidavit, the I-T department asserted that Radia’s phones were intercepted strictly in keeping with the procedure laid down for the purpose, and that it was not responsible for the leak.

The affidavit gave details of the interception — “1,450 call records of the telephone of Ms Radia containing recording of about 100 hours pertaining to the period May 12, 2009 to July 9, 2009” and “5,800 calls on the telephone of Ms Radia for the period July 9, 2009 to August 20, 2009”.

On Tata’s interim relief plea seeking stoppage of further publication of the Radia tapes in newspapers and magazines, the I-T department said, “It is not possible or practical for the government to take steps to retrieve the various copies of some of the transcripts, which have appeared in the print media or in the electronic media and which are being circulated on the internet.”

It is a great surprise to all the people through out the world that how a foreign agent was allowed in India for 20 years by doing Anti National activities.

I am herewith publishing some more Telephone recordings of Nira Radia and Kanimozhi for the hearing of our friends and public.

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