Posted by: ramrajya | January 1, 2011

Why Actress Ranjitha is reopening the past video affairs which people already forgotten?

Why Actress Ranjitha is reopening the past video affairs which people already forgotten?

Saint Nityananda’s episode has already been unveiled by Sun Tv in its video broad cast on 2-3-2010. As Nityananda, a saint’s pervert activities have been caught up in the camera, the time he was indulged in sexual activities with some actress.

Sun TV has broad castled thro’ a video clip on 2-3-2010 which opened the ugly face of the Nityananda with a film actress, and every half an hour this was broad castled by Sun TV throughout the world .CID’s Deputy IGP Charan Reddy said. The CD was sent to Central Forensic Science Laboratory Hyderabad for analysis where it was found to be authentic, he said.

Breaking her silence after the scandal broke out in March 2010, Actress Ranjitha told a press conference in Bangalore on 31-12-2010 her first public appearance since then —that she is ready to reveal the names of those behind the video if she is given security cover. “I was very scared for my life and that of my family. However, if I and my family are assured of 100% security by the chief minister of that state (TN), I am ready to name the persons behind it. These people are working with Lenin,” she charged. “I want to live some more years” was her reply when asked why she was hesitating to reveal the names.

“I’m very scared. They have threatened me against revealing the names. They are people with political backing and power. I have no backing,” she said. Commenting on the video clip which purportedly showed her in a compromising position with Nithyananda, she said: “It is fabricated. I am not the person in it. At that time, I was in a room that I was sharing with another female devotee in the Dhyanapeetham.”

“I had left for the US on March 3. I have not met the swamiji since these happenings. I did come back in June and gave my statement. I am a volunteer of Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam. If time permits, and if they agree, I will certainly visit the ashram. I’ve given a complaint against Lenin and others before the Ramanagaram court….,” Ranjitha explained when asked why she took so long to respond.

Meanwhile, Lenin alias Nithya Dharmananda said genuineness of the clippings could be tested in any laboratory and challenged Nithyananda to prove that the clippings contained morphed images. Lenin was addressing the press in Chennai along with Prasanna Kumar Jain alias Nithya Gambirananda, who also claimed to be a former disciple of Nithyananda.

Playing a recorded purported telephonic conversation between him and Nithyananda, Lenin said the god man had repeatedly requested him to withdraw his complaint.

It is now surprise for all people that why Actress Ranjitha is reopening the past video affairs which people already forgotten.


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