Posted by: ramrajya | January 19, 2011

Sonia Gandhi must insist 110 Seats in Tamilnadu Assembly election to full fill people’s ambition.

Sonia Gandhi must insist 110 Seats in Tamilnadu Assembly election to full fill people’s ambition.

Tamil Nadu chief Minister M Karunanidhi will leave for Delhi on January 30 on a three-day visit, ostensibly to participate in the chief ministers’ conference on February 1. But the highlight of the visit would be a meeting with Congress president Sonia Gandhi, probably on January 31 to discuss seat-sharing for the forthcoming assembly polls.

Since former Minister A. Raja has done a Himalayan blender in the 2g Spectrum allotment causing a loss of one lakh seventy six crores to the Government, Karunanidhi has no voice to ask for a Minister berth in the Central cabinet. Senior DMK leaders asserted that the DMK was not likely to insist on a berth in this round of reshuffle.

With just three months left for the assembly elections, Karunanidhi is instead likely to use the Delhi visit to meet Sonia Gandhi and kick off talks on seat-sharing and other alliance issues. In regard to Congress Party it was not able to form a Congress Government in Tamil Nadu for the last forty years. If Sonia goes back to the history of DMK, it has always having a vengeance against Congress Central Rule. It has criticized Pandit Nehru telling that they will put stone on his head and bring him to Tamil Nadu. They have called Indira Gandhi as blood sucker. DMK will always make fun against Congress leaders like Kamaraj, Bakthavathsalam and others. DMK not only criticized National Leaders and also other social reforms of Congress like Five Year plan and Tree Planting and other welfare plans of the Central Government.

DMK Leaders will talk in the public meetings telling that Congress rule is Six ounce rule and they will put end to north Indian Domination. In those days they have also told that Gandhi is the main reason for making the Tamil Nadu people as slave to North Indians and Brahmins. In a Conference during 1944 at Salem they have passed a resolution, with a name of Dravida Nadu and they will fight for a separate state under the direct control of British Secretary of State without interference from the Central Government of India. During that time National Congress leaders were fighting for the independence of India from the British slavery. DMK people will support anybody for their selfish motives. They will never fight against the British companies in India but even targeted the Chennai, Sowcarpet people saying they are north Indians.

The ambition of common people in Tamil Nadu is that Sonia should not fall pray to the politics diplomacy of Kalaignar Karunanidhi and Congress must insist 110 Seats in Tamil Nadu Assembly elections. If Sonia Gandhi fails to get 110 seats, Congress will never able to form a Government for another forty years. PMK and DMDK parties are insisting 50 seats for joining with their alliance.

I have told a little only about the DMk party and Sonia Gandhi can refer from the past history records that how DMK have misbehaved with congress in the past. If Congress wants to have a footing in Tamil Nadu they must insist for 110 seats.


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