Posted by: ramrajya | January 28, 2011

Seeman accuse, karunanidhi addicted Tamil people for begging freebies.

Seeman accuse, karunanidhi addicted Tamil people for begging freebies.

Karunanidhi says freebies will be available till poor people exist. But karunanidhi must understand that as long as freebies are given the poor will hold their hands up for begging for the freebies. In foreign countries there is a proverb saying “Train a fellow to catch a fish but don’t give a free fish to the starving man. [Nam Tamizhar Leader Seeman has explained in Junior Vikatan 30-1-2011 issue.]

In Tamilnadu everyday Karunanidhi announcing one freebies like free TV, Free Gas stove, and made the people of Tamilnadu to stand in the queue for begging for the same without concentrating their mind in their duty.

Since Tamilnadu elections are nearing stage, karunanidhi now planning to give five eggs in the noon meal scheme to the school children instead of one given previously. He has also announced suddenly free house scheme for three lakhs people by giving a receipt that the houses will be handed over next year if DMK party wins in the elections. These freebies are with an intention and the people are being made with a compulsion and binding to vote for DMK Government for getting free house in next year.

But Karunanidhi must think over before giving all those freebies, education and medical facilities should be made free for the poor, but that was not done so far.

By giving free TV the Party cable people are getting money for giving connections and like that the Gas agencies are getting money for giving connections. Karunanidhi also thinking to give free mobile phone so that he can get substantial amount from the Tele communication service which are giving connections to those phones.

The poor village people preparing liquor were fined and arrested but at the same time the Tamilnadu Government selling liquor thro’ its shops which earned Rs.90 crores during this Deepavali festival announcing this as their achievement. By taking liquor the innocent poor people are poisoned for their stomach.

If one day these freebies are stopped, what will happen? The people who are addicted to the freebies given by Government will involve themselves in looting, murder and attacking other people for snatching valuables from them. The Government duty is to give job for all and train them to work hard and earn money for their living without getting any freebies.

The DMK party which is telling that they are being brought up with self respect and self importance must also guide the people to do hard work and earn money without getting freebies or bribe. You can hear the “You Tube” video for full story in Tamil.


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