Posted by: ramrajya | March 23, 2011

DMK minister’s assets multiply 780 times within five years. மக்களுக்கு மிக்சியும் கிரைண்டரும்,மந்திரிகளுக்கு கோடிகள்.

DMK minister’s assets multiply 780 times within five years. மக்களுக்கு மிக்சியும் கிரைண்டரும்,மந்திரிகளுக்கு கோடிகள்.

In five years of DMK rule, a state minister has multiplied his assets 780 times. At least that’s what the official figures show.[Times of India dated 23-3-2011]

Tamil Nadu food minister EV Velu, contesting from Tiruvannamalai assembly segment, declared at the time of the 2006 assembly polls that his assets were worth around Rs one lakh. Apart from a 1.1-acre agricultural plot in Pinjur village worth Rs 60,000, Velu had shown cash deposits of Rs 25,000 and jewellery worth Rs 15,000 five years ago. As per his affidavit, his wife did not own any assets then.

Now, five years later, the affidavit filed by Velu on Monday shows his assets have multiplied in every form – land,

buildings, jewellery and cash deposits. The 60-year-old minister and his wife are currently worth Rs 7.8 crore. He has bank deposits running into Rs 17.47 lakh, agricultural lands worth Rs 1.75 crore, buildings worth Rs 1.25 crore and a house valued at Rs 4.5 crore. In addition, his wife has jewellery that costs Rs 5.76 lakh and agricultural land worth Rs five lakh.

Election Commission has made it mandatory for candidates to declare their assets as well as those of all dependents.

Wealth of Anbarasan and Ponmudy too appreciated

State labour minister T M Anbarasan, contesting from Pallavaram assembly segment, has also seen a considerable appreciation in wealth during the five years in the state cabinet.

His listed assets have increased in value from 91.49 lakh in 2006 to 4.95 crore in 2011. They include those owned by his wife. One of the additions is a Mitsubishi Pajero, valued at 22.9 lakh.

He has also bought two buildings worth 25 lakh at Kundrathur in 2008 while his cash deposits have gone up from 10,866 to 20.6 lakh. There was no property in his wife’s name in 2006, but she owns properties worth 55 lakh at present.

Higher education minister K Ponmudy perhaps does not believe in depreciation of assets. He had a tractor worth 2.39 lakh and a trailer worth 50,000 five years ago. And he values the two vehicles at the same price even today.

He owns a pistol worth 10,000. His and his wife’s assets put together are worth 7.17 crore now, an increase of 2.45 times since 2006.

Without taking any action for raising the living level of poor people these political people are telling that they will give free Mixy and Grinder, if the people elect them in the election to rule again.

The people must take a vow and tell the politicians that they don’t want any freebies for their vote, but they want curb in the price raise in all commodities, free education in all engg and other colleges, and employment for their children. The politicians are dreaming the people are like dogs and throwing mixy and Grinder as bread slices. It will be great insult for the citizens to accept these bread slices from the corrupted politicians.

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