Posted by: ramrajya | April 5, 2011

Karunanidhi and the 400 thieves. கருணாநிதியும் 400 திருடர்களும்.

Karunanidhi and the 400 thieves. கருணாநிதியும் 400 திருடர்களும்.

Even as cash for vote scams is creating news across Madurai, allies Jayalalithaa and Vijayakanth took the temple city by storm on Monday [4-4-2011] with their flamboyant styles and fiery speeches as they went about their separate campaigns in the district. We are telling the news as published in News Papers.

Jayalalithaa campaigned in the congestion free part of Madurai, in Ayyar Bungalow, and vowed to uproot rowdyism from Madurai. “Why does Alagiri need police protection when it is the people who need protection against him? she asked. Madurai has become a haven for rowdies,” she said. “Vote for the AIADMK to make Madurai a tourist destination as it rightfully should be,” she added.

Her ally, Vijayakanth met voters in Solaialagupuram and Jaihindpuram, Alagiri’s neighbourhood. He too hit out against the DMK strongman. “The fact that the Melur tahsildar has made a sudden turnaround and written to the EC saying that he was not attacked by Alagiri and his men shows that Madurai is in the grip of rowdies,”he said. “Only if AIADMK comes to power can Madurai get back its lost glory,” he said.

“Madurai is now synonymous with kangaroo courts and rowdyism but the gods have decided to redeem it’s sacred nature through the voters and it is you who should bring about the change,” he told a cheering crowd.

Pausing dramatically, he said he had come to know that Kalaignar TV would be included in the second chargesheet of the 2G scam. “Did you know the next movie Karunanidhi’s grandson is making is titled, ‘Karunanidhi and the 400 thieves’, who will be his family members,” he said, evoking hoots and claps from the crowd.

Peoples ambition is good moral people must come for the throne.


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