Posted by: ramrajya | April 29, 2011

Karunanidhi may now remember who are the Duriodhana and Dutchadhanas in1989?

Karunanidhi may now remember who are the Duriodhana and Dutchadhanas in1989?

The DMK high level committee meeting on 26-4-2011 over Kanimozhi being charged in the 2G spectrum scam, but the resolution adopted by the party gave no indication of any ferment. Dismissing the inclusion of Kanimozhi in the charge sheet as a political move to defame the DMK and unseat the chief minister, the meeting resolved to take recourse to legal means.

A suggestion by a member to break ties with the Congress was ignored by the DMK patriarch who had initially showed signs of anguish and anger over the inability of the ruling Congress at the Centre to prevent Kanimozhi’s indictment. Even when he was quizzed by the media later on the CBI’s controversial handling of the Bofors gun scandal, Karunanidhi could not be provoked into making any outburst. Instead, the DMK’s resolution at the meeting blamed the media and ‘certain political parties’ for trying to break the alliance with the Congress.

Karunanidhi’s sons MK Alagiri and MK Stalin are understood to have advised him to approach the issue practically so as not to jeopardize the future of the party or his daughter. DMK sources said committee member AL Subramanian advocated a resolution empowering Karunanidhi and party general secretary K Anbazhagan to decide on continuance of alliance with the Congress.

However, Karunanidhi felt that such a resolution would backfire should it come to power. Besides, it was important to get moral support from its ally. Karunanidhi still looks up to Congress leader Sonia Gandhi as a “Thiyaga Thiruvilaku”, a saviour and light of sacrifice. The resolution finally adopted at the meeting questioned the very basis of estimation of the loss to the national exchequer due to the spectrum allocation and expressed surprise at how Kanimozhi and Kalaignar TV managing director Sharad Kumar had been implicated even though the Rs 200 crore lent to the channel had been repaid with interest .

We want to bring it to the notice of Karunanidhi that how Jayalalitha was targeted for nothing during 1989. During the budget session of the assembly in 1989 as an opposition leader, Jayalalitha said Karunanidhi had no moral right to be CM. All hell broke loose and she was manhandled, with some DMK members allegedly trying to pull at her Sari. There are photographs of her with disheveled hair and tears in her eyes. That day, she must have sworn revenge, like Draupadi, resolving that she would re-enter the assembly only as chief minister. This incident is the root cause of her hatred for Karunanidhi.

The DMK took the unthinkable decision of joining the BJP, a Hindutva party, mainly to checkmate Jayalalitha. After she had faced humiliation in the assembly, during the next election in 1991, she told people that Karunanidhi was a Duryodhana and there was a Dusshasana among the legislators who had tried to disrobe her. The electorate responded by giving her thumping majority to Jayalalitha. Karunanidhi may now remember who are the Duriodhana and the dutchadhanas?


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