Posted by: ramrajya | May 22, 2011

Karunanidhi says he made Kani enter Kalaignar TV, then why he is not taking responsibility in the CBI case?

Karunanidhi says he made Kani enter Kalaignar TV, then why he is not taking responsibility in the CBI case?

Former chief minister M Karunanidhi strongly defended his daughter Kanimozhi on[20-5-2011] Friday, saying that it was he who insisted on her being made a director in Kalaignar TV. “Though my daughter did not approve of my decision, she agreed because I, as her father, insisted,” said Karunanidhi in a nine-page statement, laced with strong emotions, issued on Saturday night. “Besides agreeing to my decision to induct her into the board of directors of Kaliagnar TV, she has not committed any crime,” he said.

As a mere shareholder of the company, she was not privy to every decision taken by the board, said Karunanidhi. Then why Karunanidhi not told the CBI that he is only responsible to reply in the 214 crore scam.

Karuna added “I am not prepared to go into the reasons for the DMK’s defeat in the assembly elections,” Karunanidhi said. “It could be because I had conceded so many seats for allies and also the constituencies that they demanded or because of the antidemocratic decisions taken by the Election Commission only in Tamil Nadu. But I do not want to speculate on any of these reasons,” he said. “It is a vendetta against the DMK from Kanyakumari to the Himalayas,” he said cryptically, adding, “There are people who want to finish off the DMK and my family. But we will win the final war.”

To our knowledge the people says that the Election Commissioner has acted fairly and several thousands of people voted in this election without any fear.

If Karunanidhi says that her daughter was innocent and he was the main reason for being made her as a Director in Kalaignar TV, then Karunanidhi must give a affidavit before the CBI Court and release her daughter from the case telling that he was the person to be charged in this case for all the offences. That action will only show his affection towards his daughter.


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