Posted by: ramrajya | June 3, 2011

Real Beauty opens locked Doors.

Real Beauty opens locked Doors.

We have heard from our ancestors a proverb that “good face is a letter of recommendation”. The real beauty is also having the power of a sword. We have heard in our old histories that several kingdoms have fallen under the feet of beauties. Some beautiful girls saved their kingdoms from capture from rebel country rulers. Beautiful persons lead an orderly life and they maintain personal hygiene. Beautiful persons will always keep their surroundings clean and tidy and wash themselves with fragrance before going for shopping or for functions.

Like godliness cleanliness is also external counterpart of men and ladies. Cleanliness of their face and body will only judge
their status anywhere in public life. Hence it is my opinion that Real Beauty of a man and lady will only open the locked doors anywhere he goes.

We are seeing that some good looking girls go for the good looking boys and vice versa. This shows they are not seeing the inner beauty if you didn’t have outer beauty…

Personality and Beauty gets the attention and the letter of recommendation. Let us all maintain Real Beauty


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