Posted by: ramrajya | June 19, 2011

Girl of America related to Andhra Political leader was raped in Chennai Star Hotel.

Girl of America related to Andhra Political leader was raped in Chennai Star Hotel.

Junior Vikatan in its issue dated 19-6-2011, has published an article titled pleasant moment with friend’s friend… video. It is stated in the article that a famous car Race sportsman, along with his lover reserved a room in a Star Hotel near a over bridge at Chennai, for the accommodation of his lovers two Girl friends residing at America and related to some political leaders of Andhra. One of the Girl marriage engagements has been fixed in the next month.

On the arrival of the two girls from America, they were received by the car sportsman and his lover and immediately taken to the Hotel. In the night the four had enjoyed with pleasant party in the Hotel Puff with full drink. On the extreme drowsiness the two girls were left in their room and the sportsman and his lover went to their home.

The sportsman at 1.30 AM in the night again came to the Hotel, telling that he has left his mobile inside the room, and asked for the access card from the reception and went inside the room. He enjoyed with a Girl who was rolling due to full drink and went away in the early morning.

For subsequent incidents hear my Tamil Speech thro “You Tube” Video.

It is the ambition of the public that Chennai Police must take strict vigil in removing immoral activities in star Hotels.


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