Posted by: ramrajya | July 5, 2011

Christianity and Islam in India.

Christianity and Islam in India.

The first serious attempt to propagate Christianity among the Muslims of India appears to have been made during the reign of Akbar. At his invitation representative of all religions assembled at Royal Court at Agra.

More than 20years later there appeared the ranks of missionaries in India an advocate of quite another type. This was the redoubtable Dr.Carl Pfander, a German missionary who had been expelled from Fort Shusha, in Georgia by Russian Government.

Dr. Pfander joined the staff of the C.M.S. in Agra about the year 1835, and in course of time came to be looked upon as the champion of Christianity in controversy with Muslims. In his books he defends the integrity of the Scriptures, explaining the leading doctrines of the Bible and refutes the claims of Muhammad to be the apostle of God and of the Quran to be the word of God. Two other books written by him require brief notice [1] Tariq-ul-Hayat, [2] The way of life, Christianity these deals with sin, its nature and Consequence and explains the way of salvation.

This eventually took the form of public debates carried over for a period of three years, in the city of Agra. It is our desire that all people living in India irrespective of their religion must live as Indian and safe guard the welfare of our country.

Please hear my Tamil speeches for further story thro”You Tube”.


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