Posted by: ramrajya | July 13, 2011

Whether Tamil Nadu Police will consult Karnataka Police on Actor Ranjitha Video?

Whether Tamil Nadu Police will consult Karnataka Police on Actor Ranjitha Video?
Actor Ranjitha has filed a complaint with the police commissioner against Sun Network, Tamil daily Dinakaran and magazine Nakkeeran for allegedly morphing and telecasting videos that showed her in compromising positions with god man Nithyananda. Without naming anyone, she said some people tried to blackmail her.
She wanted the government to take stringent action against these media houses. “They threatened me saying that if I come to Chennai I will be arrested. While a newspaper in Britain is condemned for hacking telephones, here, in the name of investigative journalism, they have placed video cameras inside an ashram and yet no action has been taken,” she said.
 When asked about the delay in filing the complaint, the actor said she did not believe that the previous government would take action against the accused. “The change in the government has given me the courage to come out and demand action. Ranjitha told reporters at a hotel in the evening, hours after she met the police commissioner.
Nithyananda, a saint’s pervert activities have been caught up in the camera, the time he was indulged in sexual activities with some actress.
Sun TV has broad castled thro’ a video clip on 2-3-2010 and every half an hour this was broad castled by Sun TV throughout the world. Karnataka CID’s Deputy IGP Charan Reddy said. The CD was sent to Central Forensic Science Laboratory Hyderabad for analysis where it was found to be authentic, he said. “The video footage is genuine. It is un-tampered and there is no indication of alteration in the video.
Swami Nithyananda was arrested for rape and other criminal charges, got bail on 11-6-2010. The Karnataka High Court granted conditional bail to him and his close disciple Swami Bhaktananda.
Now that Actor Ranjitha has submitted her petition on 12-7-2011 to the Commissioner of Police, Chennai and the question that remains is whether the Tamil Nadu police will take into consideration the findings of the Karnataka police.
Any news agency can only publish news or videos, submitted by the public, based on the belief that the content submitted is genuine and true and therefore they cannot be held responsible for their veracity.
I support neither Kalanidhi Maran nor Ranjitha. And, I believe that if the video is proved to be a fake, the only people who can be punished are those responsible for shooting this video.

Let us hope if the truth will come one day the people will feel happier.


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