Posted by: ramrajya | July 17, 2011

Royal family agreed unearthed Wealth belongs to Shri Padmanabha swamy.

Royal family agreed unearthed Wealth belongs to Shri Padmanabha swamy.

Kerala government, Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple management and heirs of Martanda Varma Travancore royal family on 14-7-2011 agreed before the Supreme Court that the unprecedented wealth unearthed at the temple belonged to the deity and no one else can lay claim on it. [அனைத்தும் பத்மநாப சாமிக்கே சொந்தம்.]

Relieved by the unanimity among parties, a bench of Justices RVRaveendranand, AKPatnaik said the priority was to appoint an expert panel which could suggest guidelines for safekeeping of the treasure, its security and the possibility of displaying some of the ancient artifacts in temple museum.

It told Kerala government counsel P V Dinesh that Rs 1 crore sanctioned for upgrading security of the temple after the discovery of the wealth was inadequate. The counsel said it was an ad hoc allotment and more could be given.

Appearing for the temple management, senior advocate K K Venugopal suggested appointing Supreme Court museum curator for the preservation and restoration of ancient artifacts.

He said those with artistic and historic value could be preserved, but” articles which have no heritage, artistic or historic value are to be separately kept. These are the items which can possibly be disposed of and converted into cash or immovable property by persons competent to act on behalf of temple”.

Royal family heir Rama Varma’s power of attorney holder told the court through senior advocate P P Rao that the unopened vault ‘Kallara B’, should not be opened without conducting the traditional ‘Deva Prashnam’ (seek the deity’s permission), so as not to incur the displeasure of Lord Padmanabha.

But, the court said opening and inventories the articles in Kallara B could wait as the security of the wealth, speculated upon by media, was paramount at this stage.

Hear full story in Tamil thro “You Tube” by S.V.Ramani.


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