Posted by: ramrajya | July 18, 2011

No body can stop the Rule of Jayalalitha for another 20years. Engal Baratham S.V.Ramani.

No body can stop the Rule of Jayalalitha for another 20years. Engal Baratham S.V.Ramani.

Jayalalithaa campaigned at Madurai on 04-4-2011, in Ayyar Bungalow, and vowed to uproot rowdyism from Madurai. “Why does Alagiri need police protection when it is the people who need protection against him? She asked. Madurai has become a haven for rowdies,” she said. “Vote for the AIADMK to make Madurai a tourist destination as it rightfully should be,” she added. What Jayalalithaa told to the Madurai people, is carried out to-day to make Madurai as a tourist centre.

Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and President of the ruling DMK, Karunanidhi, has challenged the Opposition AIADMK-led Front to name the Chief Ministerial candidate for the April 13 Assembly Elections.

Mr Vijayakanth, who was campaigning for the candidates of the AIADMK-led Front for the April 13 Assembly polls at Erode on 2-4-2011, said, ”the AIADMK-led Front will sweep the polls and Ms Jayalalithaa will become the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and work for the welfare of the people. What Vijayakanth told is hundred percent true and now Jayalalithaa is our Chief Minister.

Madurai: Union chemicals and fertilizers minister MK Alagiri on
18-7-2010 Sunday predicted the downfall of the AIADMK, claiming that the opposition party would cease to exist after the assembly election due next year. Now What Alagiri told was proved to be for his own DMK party only.

Attack pandi who was already involved in setting fire to Madurai Dinakaran News paper office and caused death to three innocent workers, is now in judicial custody along with two others.

Chief Minister Jayalalithaa during her assembly election campaign made land grabbing a major plank, alleging that powerful DMK men were involved in it and vowed to crush it.

Special police wing was now established in Tamilnadu to find out the culprits in land grabbing complaints. So far Police has received 1449 complaints.

A section of people in D.M.K., itself tells Karunanidhi to resign from his party post and work as a guiding leader like Kamaraj. But the family people who were guided by Karunanidhi were involved in scam cases and counting the bars in jail. It is now a big question, whether his party men will follow his guidance.

Tamil Nadu people will never again elect Karunanidhi or his party members to rule the country. At present the peoples are having tremendous faith in Jayalalitha and they will elect her only as Chief Minister for the next 20 years.

No body can stop the Rule of Jayalalitha for another 20years.


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