Posted by: ramrajya | July 25, 2011

Instead of pointing Prime Minister, Perambalur Raja might have explained, how he becomes multimillionaire?

Instead of pointing Prime Minister, Perambalur Raja might have explained, how he becomes multimillionaire?

Former Telecom Minister A. Raja on Monday defended himself against corruption charges in the 2G scam, saying he had not done anything wrong and was merely following the policies pursued by his predecessors and the NDA government.

The 47-year-old DMK MP pleaded before Special CBI Judge O.P. Saini that there was nothing wrong in his decision of not auctioning 2G spectrum as he had “implemented only what I have inherited.”

Senior Advocate Sushil Kumar, appearing for Mr. Raja, said if Mr. Raja is being prosecuted for following a certain policy then all Telecom Ministers since 1993 are liable to be prosecuted as they too followed the same policy.

“If policy pursued by me was wrong, then all former Telecom Ministers since 1993 should also be in jail with me (Raja),” the counsel said while opposing framing of charges against Mr. Raja.

He said, “As Telecom Minster Arun Shourie distributed 26 licences while Dayanidhi Maran distributed 25 and I (Raja) distributed 122 licences. Numbers make no difference, however, it is to be noted that none of them auctioned the spectrum.

“If they had done no wrong, why am I being questioned? Let them deny that they have not done what I did. I was just following the 2003 Cabinet decision that is not to auction 2G spectrum. If I am following the law, I am not liable to be prosecuted. Infact, I should be rewarded.”

Raja also dragged the names of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the then Finance Minister P Chidambaram. He said the PM was aware of the telecom decisions and even challenged Manmohan Singh. It is not known, who has advised Raja in the D.M.K. party to show his finger against P.M.

Prime Minister on the belief that his cabinet Ministers will function according to the oath they have taken, he is signing all the papers. The oath taken by the Ministers is “that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India as by law established, that I will uphold the sovereignty and integrity of India and that I will faithfully discharge the duty upon which I am about to enter.”

But Raja failed in his Minister’s duty and now pointing out fingers against others and that will not help him. Instead of pointing Prime Minister, Perambalur Raja might have explained how he becomes multimillionaire?


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