Posted by: ramrajya | August 1, 2011

Instead of agitation, Supporting land grabbers Karunanidhi can stand in the next election.

Instead of agitation, Supporting land grabbers Karunanidhi can stand in the next election.
நில அபகரிப்பு செய்பவர்களை ஆதரிப்போம் என்று சொல்லி அடுத்த தேர்தலில் கருணாநிதி போட்டியிடலாம்.

Action against land grabbers and rendering justice to the victims was one of the promises made by Chief Minister Jayalalithaa during her election campaign. The initiative to establish Land Grabbing Cells has come as a great relief to victims whose complaints were earlier brushed aside as ‘civil disputes’, a police official said.

“Many poor families have lodged complaints that their only property was forcibly taken over by land grabbers. Police are taking action as per law. In Tiruchi Range that comprises of Tiruchi, Karur, Perambalur, Pudukottai and Ariyalur districts, police have received 166 complaints of land grabbing.

In Tiruchi district alone, 96 complaints were received, most of which pertained to forceful occupation of property by anti-social elements that used fake documents.

Several former ministers and the once powerful district functionaries of the party are either under judicial custody or forced to move the court for bail as complaints of land grabbing are flooding the special police cells set up by the government to exclusively deal with such cases.

The Jayalalithaa government’s action has raised the hackles of DMK, provoking it to cry foul and call for a state-wide protest.

With the AIADMK Government keeping up the tempo of its crack down on land grabbers and making more preventive arrests, the DMK party started a agitation in every districts against the arrest of land grabbers.

Instead of the present agitation, Karunanidhi can stand in the next election promising that land Grabbers will be supported by his party and he can see, whether the people will vote for him.


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