Posted by: ramrajya | September 24, 2011

Actress Sona says SPB Charan pressed me without restraint.[சரண் என்னைக்கண்டபடி அமுக்கினான்.]

Actress Sona says SPB Charan pressed me without restraint.[சரண் என்னைக்கண்டபடி அமுக்கினான்.]

Tamil film actress Sona, who had lodged a complaint a week ago accusing singer and producer SPB Charan of misbehaving with her at a party, met Greater Chennai police commissioner J K Tripathy and submitted a VCD allegedly containing evidence to support her claim.

However, the actress refused to give details about the CD. “I just came to submit the VCD and also request the police commissioner to pursue the case and order speedy action,” she told TOI.

Sona said she couldn’t meet the police commissioner on Thursday and so returned to urge him to expedite investigation into the matter and also submit what she claimed was “evidence” to back her charges against the singer.

Based on the actress’ complaint last week, the Soundarapandianar Angadi police had registered a case under various IPC Sections, including molesting charges, against the singer. When she demanded that he apologise for his indecent act, Charan allegedly denied and threatened her with dire consequences, Sona had then said.

In her complaint, she said that at a party hosted to celebrate the success of Ajith’s 50th film ‘Mankaatha’, Charan, son of veteran playback singer SP Balasubramaniam, molested her under the influence of alcohol.

The party was held at actor Vaibhav’s house where director Venkat Prabhu, actor Premji Amaran and a few others participated, the complaint added. “I have exposed the issue to the media and the police only to ensure that he (Charan) does not repeat such acts again, not only with me but also with any other woman,” Sona said. “I am in the industry for my livelihood. But I do have my dignity. Charan should apologise for his act,” Sona had demanded.

It is our request to safeguard self respect that any actress should not attend public functions in sexy dresses to attract others attention particularly youngsters.


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