Posted by: ramrajya | October 5, 2011

The speciality of Saraswathi and Ayudha Pooja festivals.சரஸ்வதி, ஆயுத பூஜையின் சிறப்புக்கள்.

The speciality of Saraswathi and Ayudha Pooja festivals.சரஸ்வதி, ஆயுத பூஜையின் சிறப்புக்கள்.

In Tamil Nadu, Saraswathi Pooja is conducted along with the Ayudha Puja (the worship of tools, and implements including machines). On the ninth day of Navaratri, i.e. the Mahanavami day, books and all musical instruments are ceremoniously kept in front of the Goddess Sarasvati and pooja is conducted by the elders. No studies or any performance of arts is carried out; as it is considered that the Goddess herself is blessing the books and the instruments.

The festival concludes on the tenth day of Navaratri (Vijaya Dashami] and the Goddess is worshipped again before the books and the musical instruments are removed. It is customary to start the study afresh on this day, which is called Vidyarambham (literally, commencement of education). Every man who earns a livelihood depends on one tool or the other. It may be a pen or knife, a sickle or hammer or whatever it may be this festival is to mark the gratitude of man towards his tools. The festivities connected with this, every home, shop, factory, workshop will undergoes thorough cleaning and poojas are performed and ‘prasadams’ distributed.

People of Chennai celebrate the Ayudha pooja pageant in many ways. There are several strategies within which the Ayudha pooja pageant is well known. During this special day individuals don’t use the materials that they use in day to day life and that they honor the materials on this specific day. Each material together with the vehicles is given special pooja and decorated with flowers and the individuals thank them for creating everything safe. No matter tools that are employed in day to day life, they’re kept within the Ayudha pooja and are worshiped.

On the Ayudha pooja all the kinds of vehicles embellished with the flowers and embellished with sandal everywhere. This way the Ayudha pooja Saraswathi Pooja celebrations are being done. You can see thro’ my video in Chennai, Vadapalani Bazaar, flowers, paddy grains, fruits, and evil-eye squash guard, are being sold to the public for celebrating Ayudha Pooja and Saraswathi Pooja festivals.

On this auspicious day, I pray Saraswathi Devi to bestow with prosperous and wealth to all the people of the world.


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