Posted by: ramrajya | October 24, 2011

Why Hindus are celebrating “Deepavali” festival? தீபாவளித் திருநாள்?

Why Hindus are celebrating “Deepavali” festival? தீபாவளித் திருநாள்?

தீபாவளித் திருநாள் மக்கள் அனைவரின் வாழ்விலும், தீமைகள் அகன்று, நன்மைகள் பிறக்கக் கொண்டாடப்படும் நாள். தீபாவளி கொண்டாடப் படுவது எப்படி உருவானது என்பதை, உங்களுக்கு சொல்ல விரும்புகின்றேன். எல்லோருக்கும் என் இனிய தீபாவளி நல் வாழ்த்துக்கள். தமிழில் எனது உரையை “You Tube” மூலம் கேளுங்கள்..

In Tamil Nadu Deepavali is celebrated by lighting [deepams], bursting fireworks, wearing new clothes and sharing sweets. A traditional visit to the Temple is a significant ritual of the day. Here I am going to tell you why Deepavali is being celebrated by Hindus.

The legend of Narakasura is important in the history of Assam since Narakasura is cited as the progenitor of many dynasties that ruled Kamarupa in historical times. A hill, to the south of Guwahati is named after him. He is also associated with the myth of the shakta goddess and place of worship Kamakhya.

Bhoomi Devi had a son named Naraka. Even though Naraka was the son of a divinity, he had the nature of a demon. Naraka was powerful and he took pleasure in terrorizing the inhabitants of the three worlds.

Narakasura had gained a boon from Brahma that he would die only in the hands of his mother. On the day of the war, Satyabhama with Krishna fought Narakasura bravely, but she was no match to his trained skills. After a few days, when Narakasura got a chance, he took aim at Krishna, hurting him lightly. Krishna fainted in a preordained, divine plan adopted to empower Satyabhama. Seeing this, Satyabhama was furious. She doubled her attack on the demon king and killed him finally. Before Narakasura’s death, he requested a boon from his mother, Satyabhama, that everyone should celebrate his death with colorful light. Thus this day is celebrated as the first day of Diwali – ‘Naraka Chaturdashi’

Wish you “Happy Deepavali”.


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