Posted by: ramrajya | November 12, 2011

Like rationalist leaders worshipping leader’s statue Vasanthi Stanley M.P. Worshipped Siva statue.

Like rationalist leaders worshipping leader’s statue Vasanthi Stanley M.P. Worshipped Siva statue.

பகுத்தறிவுவாதிகள் தலைவர் சிலையை வணங்குவதுபோல்,வசந்தி ஸ்டான்லி சிவன் சிலையை வணங்கி உள்ளார்.

The visit of a DMK Rajya Sabha member Vasanthi Stanley to a temple in Kancheepuram to offer special prayers for Kanimozhi’s early release on bail has created a flutter in party circles. The DMK, which claims to follow the rationalist principles, has lately seen many of its senior’s make a beeline to temples in troubled times.

Party sources said Vasanthi on Thursday 10-11-2011 went to a Shiva temple in Kancheepuram in which the deity, it is believed, “helped devotees to get out of legal tangles”. A priest in the temple said, “Of late, many officials and politicians visit this temple. On Thursday, we performed ‘annabishekam’ for Lord Shiva.”

The DMK took an official stand on the issue and distanced itself from Vasanthi Stanley’s temple visit, saying “it was the MP’s decision and the party had nothing to do with it.”

DMK’s organising secretary TK S Elangovan said, “Vasanthi Stanley’s visit to the temple did not have the party headquarter’s consent. We like to clarify that the party has nothing to do with it.

In “Viduthalai” News paper issue dated 13-9-98 Dravidar Kazhagam and Rationalist leader K.Veeramani has stated that a Statue of Thanthai Periar at a cost of Rs. Two lakhs has been established at the entrance of Nagapattinam City with around park. Like this several rationalist Party leaders statues have been established in several cities with a intention that Party people must respect their leaders by garlanding the Statues and get their blessings. In the same way people are going to Temples to worship the deities and get their blessings to get raid of the difficulties they are facing in life.

When rationalist party leaders are not distancing from worship of the statue of their leaders , there is no use of blaming Vasanthi Stanley M.P. for going to a Temple for worshipping the Lord Siva to get relief for Kanimozhi MP’s bail plea. There is no difference in respecting leader’s statue and God’s statue.


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