Posted by: ramrajya | November 17, 2011

Jaylalithaa sought the cooperation of collectors and Police officers for corruption-free governance.

Jaylalithaa sought the cooperation of collectors and Police officers for corruption-free governance.

தமிழக முதல்வர் ஜெயலலிதா இலஞ்சமில்லா ஆட்சி அமைக்கப்பாடுபடுவதை,அரசு அதிகாரிகளும் உணர்ந்து,நேர்மையான முறையில் செயல் பட்டு பாடுபட முன் வரவேண்டும்.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s free scheme for free distribution of Mixer, grinder, fan, laptop to students and goats and cows to villagers were over all appreciated by majority of Tamil Nadu people.

Forty-nine students from the government school in Kakkalur, Government Higher Secondary School in Tiruvallur,and 69 in Koppur got their laptops on September 15. “90% of our students are seeing a computer for the first time. Some students bring it to school every day,” said Kakkalur school headmaster R Madhivazhagan. S Divya, a student and another proud laptop owner, reads the Thirukkural, looks up the dictionary, and studies her textbooks online. Our computer science students find it useful during the practicals as they can now test their C or C++ programmes for syntax errors,” said the school’s computer science teacher.

Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa, chairing the first conference of collectors and police officers on 13, 14-11-2011 after she came to power in May, has sought their cooperation for corruption-free governance. “Corruption is the biggest hindrance to achieving the goal of good governance. As district heads, collectors have the onerous task of cleaning up the system and improving service delivery. People expect and deserve a corruption-free service delivery system,” she said in her speech.

She also recalled her strong actions against the land grabbers in the state. “We have embarked on a course of putting down antisocial elements and rowdies. Swift and stringent action against land grabbers has restored confidence in the state government and the police. This action will be followed up by enabling the restoration of lands and properties to the original owners through due process,” Jayalalithaa said.

The chief minister also spoke about the various measures taken by her government in fields to improve the living conditions of the poor. “Agriculture, local body administration, health, education, welfare measures, particularly, welfare of the backward communities in the state continue to be our priorities,” she said.

Jayalalithaa also pointed out that eliminating poverty, bridging the rural-urban divide in infrastructure and income gap, achieving gender equity, skill building and employment generation are the key issues of her government.

“It’s my dream that everybody in Tamil Nadu should get everything. This government will ensure that the poor and the downtrodden are provided with the necessary assistance to lead a decent and dignified life,” she told the officials.


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