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In Benares Aurangazeb destroyed the Temple of Vishnu and a shrine at Mathura and on its site built a Mosque.

In Benares Aurangazeb destroyed the Temple of Vishnu and a shrine at Mathura and on its site built a Mosque.

ஔரங்கசீப் பணம்,பதவிகளால் மன நிம்மதியை அடைய முடியவில்லை. மதத்தின் மீது ஆர்வம அதிகம் இருந்த அவன், மரணத்தின் பிடியிலிருந்து மீள முடியவில்லை. காசியில் உள்ள இந்து ஆலயத்தை இடித்து மசூதியைக் கட்டிய அவன் மன நிம்மதியை அடைந்தானா? அவனது படை வீரர்களே அவனிடம் பணி புரிய விரும்பாமல் தங்கள் நாடுகள் நோக்கித்திரும்பினர்.ஔரங்கசீப்பின் வரலாறு மத விரோதத்தை மறந்து, ஒருவர் மதத்தை மற்றவர் மதிக்கவேண்டும் என்பதே.

The Mughal emperor Aurangazeb was a strict Muslim of Sunni sect. The story of his reign would have been very different had he followed the policy deemed wise by his father Shah-Jahan. He only liked others of his line. He lived in dread of being poisoned. His courtiers and officers lived in fear of him, for which all respected him none loved him. Made wise from personal experience he imprisoned his own sons, one for life and another for six years because he suspected them of disloyalty. Aurangazeb nevertheless was sufficiently a Mughal to maintain a court of dazzling splendor. Delhi the city of Shah-Jahan was his favourite capital. The beautiful and famous hall of audience in the palace was often the scene of such amazing brilliance as to merit the inscription over its entrance. The famous Peacock Golden Throne constructed by Shah-Jahan, was perhaps the most arresting ornament. The value of the Throne is more than Six crores in those days.

When twenty years of his reign had passed by Aurngazeb seemed to rouse him from the tolerance he never felt and only half concealed. In Benares he destroyed the Temple of Vishnu and then razed to the ground a shrine at Mathura and on its site built a Mosque. He had the idols brought to Agra where they were buried under the steps of a Mosque, so that Muslims might feel they were trampling them underfoot.

It was a gratuitous insult to all Hindus, including the Rajputs. Aurangazeb now bethought himself of the still unconquered Deccan and turned South onwards on a punitive expedition. In Marhattas of the Konkan and Western Ghats, Hindus emerged as tireless fighters in guerilla warfare. Their leader Shivaji having established himself in the Konkan, and after gaining several successes was forced to make terms with Aurangazeb. Shivaji spirit lived in the nation he had created.

Aurangazeb conquered the Deccan. The majority of his army had no taste for service under him and went over to Marhattas. His forces just failed of success mainly because of he no longer had the assistance of the Rajputs.

Aurangazebs zealous faith could not save him from the dread of approaching death. His grave is in the obscure village of Roza, near Aurangabad.

By destroying the worship place of others faith, Aurangazeb never attained any mental peace. It is a lesson for every body that they should not indulge in others faith.


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