Posted by: ramrajya | November 28, 2011

Whether opposition party leaders will follow the principles of Arignar Anna?

Whether opposition party leaders will follow the principles of Arignar Anna?

1967ஆண்டில் முதலமைச்சரான பேரறிஞர் அண்ணா சென்னைக்கு “தமிழ்நாடு” என்ற பெயர் சூட்டினார். சுயமரியாதைத் திருமணங்கள் சட்டப்படி செல்லுபடி ஆகும் என் சட்டம் செய்தார். ரூபாய்க்கு படி அரிசி திட்டத்தைக் கொண்டு வந்தார். இந்திக்கு இங்கே இடமில்லை, தமிழ்,ஆங்கிலம் என்ற இரு மொழி போதும் என்று அறிவித்தார்.

During 1967 as a Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Arignar Anna legalized Self-respect marriages for the first time in the country. Self-Respect marriages, according to him, encouraged inter-caste marriages and caused arranged marriages to be replaced by love marriages. Annadurai was also the first to use subsidising of the price of rice for election victory. He promised one rupee a measure of rice, which he initially implemented when he took charge in the government,

It was Annadurai’s government that renamed the Madras State as Tamil Nadu. Annadurai as chief minister, the state assembly succeeded in passing the bill renaming the states. Another major achievement of Annadurai’s government was to introduce a two language policy over the then popular three language formula. The three language formula, which was implemented in the neighbouring states entitled students to study three languages: the regional language, English and Hindi. It was during the period of his Chief Minister ship that the Second World Tamil Conference was conducted on a grand scale on 3 January 1968. Nevertheless, when a commemorative stamp was released to mark the Tamil conference, Annadurai expressed his dissatisfaction that the stamp contained Hindi when it was for Tamil.

Arignar Anna when took charge as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu during 1967, he has done everything of what he has told as an opposition party leader. Our leaders must also follow his way of sincerity in keeping up their words promised by them to the people.


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