Posted by: ramrajya | November 30, 2011

Stories of Tenali Raman-Part-1. தெனாலி இராமன்.

Stories of Tenali Raman-Part-1. தெனாலி இராமன்.

Once upon a Time, in a small village called Tenali lived a boy called Raman. Tenali was under the province of Vijayanagar, and then ruled by the King Krishnadevaraya. Rama was a clever boy, but was also very lazy.

One summer there was no rain in the village and all the crops had dried. After a long time of suffering, one day a sanyasi came to that village. As soon as he stepped into the village it started to rain. Everyone was very happy and gave credit to the Sanyasi and telling that he is great holy man. But Raman made fun of them and laughed. The sanyasi did not get angry but wanted to teach Raman a lesson which would be useful to him. He called him and told” My dear son, I will teach you a mantra, which you should chant thousand times in front of the goddess idol in the Mahakali temple. The goddess will appear and bless you.

Raman did as told, Goddess Kali appeared with her thousands heads. Rama took one look at her and laughed. “Why you are laughing?” asked Goddess Kali. Mother, I find it very difficult to wipe my nose when I have cold. I have only one nose and two hands. I just imagined you with a Thousand running noses.

Mahakali smiled and said, I see you very vitty, I shall give you a boon. Here are two bowls. One has the milk of learning and the other contains the milk of wealth choose one. Raman looked at two bowls. Mother how I can choose without even tasting either bowl. Will you allow me to taste before I decide? asked Raman. The goddess agreed.

Seizing this opportunity Raman quickly gobbled up the milk from both bowls. Mahakali was furious that Raman had trickled her. “Mother forgive me,” said Raman, but of what use is learning without wealth? Raman asked. Mahakali liked Raman’s honesty and intelligence and she blessed him. It is a lesson for the youngsters to follow the intelligence way in their carrier for high achievements.


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