Posted by: ramrajya | December 8, 2011

Whether the house of Seshadri Kumar was grabbed by Stalin supporters on the intention that he was a weaker Brahmin?

Whether the house of Seshadri Kumar was grabbed by Stalin supporters on the intention that he was a weaker Brahmin?

சேஷாத்ரி குமார் வலிமை இல்லாத பிராமண சமுதாயத்தைச் சார்ந்தவர் என்ற காரணத்தினால், அவர் வீடு அபகரிகப்பட்டதா?

In those days, Kalaignar Karunanidhi having a tendency of accusing Magazines run by Brahmins, if they do not support him. During his rule as Chief Minister, he is having all Brahmin people for his Yoga training, health checkups and other activities He is having in his mind that Brahmins are weaker sections and they can be threatened to extract anything from them. Like that his son former Deputy Chief Minister M.K. Stalin was involved in a house grabbing case. His supporters threatened his neighbour House owner a Brahmin by name Seshadri Kumar to sell his house at a very low price.

While speaking the reporters Seshadri Kumar told that he doesn’t want to sell his house because it was constructed on the remembrance of his father and mothers name” Narvisha “. [His father’s name Narayanaswamy and mother’s name Vishalakshi] He also told that his father has only christened the street name as “Chitharanjan salai”. He told Arignar Anna offered his father the Chennai sheriff post. He also told that during 1973 Karunanidhi attended his marriage and greeted him.

The Chennai Police has registered a First Information Report against MK Stalin, former deputy chief minister and son of DMK patriarch M Karunanidhi, under charges of land grabbing, criminal conspiracy and intimidation.

Besides Stalin, others named in the FIR are Stalin son Udayanidhi Stalin, their business associates Srinivas, P Venugopal Reddy, Raja Shankar and Subba Reddy. A release issued by the police said two others allegedly forced N Seshadrikumar, to part with his land against his wishes for a much lesser price than the market price.

According to the FIR filed with the city crime branch of the Chennai police by Seshadrikumar, the accused forcibly registered a land measuring 6,000 sq feet in Teynampet in Venugopal Reddy’s name in 2010.

In 2010, Stalin’s associates had visited Sheshadri and asked him to sell the land, which he refused. Following this, pressure was brought on him to register the land in the name of Venugopal Reddy and he was paid Rs. 5.54 crore.

The market value of the property would be much higher, the complainant said. He had sought to register a complaint in the Teynampet police station in 2010 itself, but it was not accepted citing political pressure.

In those days Brahmin community was disgraced by the Dravidian party people and they also grow with only anti Brahmin activities. Karunanidhis own house at Gopalapuram was also purchased from a Brahmin. Some of his family members are also having houses in the same street. Now, supporters of his son M.K.Stalin were also grabbing the next house land from a Brahmin community man, with an intention that the owner is from a weaker section of the society and he will not fight for it.

Hence it is the request of all good hearted people, that Tamil Nadu Government must take stringent action against unlawful activities of the vested people in land grabbing cases.


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