Posted by: ramrajya | December 29, 2011

Mannargudi naked saint prediction to Sasikala’s brother.

Mannargudi naked saint prediction to Sasikala’s brother.

நிர்வாண சாமியார் திவாகரனிடம் இன்னும் மூன்று மாதத்தில், உன் பெயர்,புகழ் அனைத்தும் போய்விடும் என சாபமிட்டார்.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa, who is also the general secretary, All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, expelled her close aide Sasikala, her husband Natarajan and 12 of their close relatives from the party’s primary membership An AIADMKrelease issued by Jayalalithaa said Sasikala, her husband Natarajan, relatives Ravanan, M Ramachandran, Kulothungan, Divakaran, Dinakaran, Bhaskaran, Sudhakaran, S Venkatesh, Adyar Mohan, Mahadevan and Thankamani have been expelled from the party.

Mannargudi in Tanjavur district is Sasikala’s village. She belongs to the Thevar community. Sasikala is the daughter of Tiruthuraipoondi Chandra Sekaran Pillai, who was having a medical shop in those days.

Jayalalithaa has asked her party cadre not to have any dealings with the expelled members. Though no reasons have been given for the ouster, political observers and intelligence officials are of the view that the action was a result of unprecedented interference in government and party affairs by Sasikala and her relations.

The build-up to the expulsion of Sasikala and her relations began with the visit of a long time political advisor of Jayalalithaa to Poes Garden last week who sounded her about the ground realities happening right under her nose.

A veteran political commentator said that Jayalalithaa would be facing serious political crisis in days to come since a majority of the AIADMK MLAs have been handpicked by the Sasikala-Natarajan duo. “They will dance to the tunes of the husband-wife team and the chief minister is in for major trouble,’ he said.

But Rama Ramanathan, a senior AIADMK functionary, said there was nothing surprising in the expulsion of Sasikala and others from the party.“Amma is the supreme authority in the AIADMK and the entire cadre stand by her because we know that whatever she does is for the good of the party as well as Tamil Nadu,” Ramanathan.

Mannargudi people tells, that there was a Saint at Mannargudi with nakedness already predicted to Divakaran brother of Sasikala that his fame and name will go away within next three months.

It is a lesson for all the political leaders, that they should not bring the rule of their family members in running the elected Government.


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