Posted by: ramrajya | January 23, 2012

A complaint on Sasikala’s Brother Divakaran alleging demolition of group houses.

A complaint on Sasikala’s Brother Divakaran alleging demolition of group houses.

சசிகலாவின் சகோதரர் திவாகரன் மீது வீடுகளை இடித்ததாக புகார்.

A police team on Saturday initiated an enquiry against Sasikala’s brother Divakaran following a complaint alleging demolition of group houses lodged by a woman Kasthuri (31), wife of Balasubramanian of Rishiyur, Needamangalam.

The complaint lodged with Tiruvarur Superintendent of Police Xavier Dhanaraj this morning, stated that the group house in which she was living was demolished on November 28, 2011, by a group of six persons headed by Krishna Menon, panchayat president of Rishiyur under the instruction of Divakaran. The group also demolished the group house where her father-in-law Manickam lived. The group house was given to Kasthuri’s family during previous DMK regime.

Kasthuri’s husband Balasubramanian, a driver, was working for the DMK during the previous elections. Based on Kasthuri’s complaint, an investigation had been launched on instructions from the Superintendent of Police.

Being the brother of Sasikala, Divakaran was leading a princely life. Now enmity with others brought him unnecessary problems. Money is the fruit of evil as often as the root of it.


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