Posted by: ramrajya | January 31, 2012

Family Woman forced daughter into sex trade held in raids in Chennai.

Family Woman forced daughter into sex trade held in raids in Chennai.

துணிச்சலுடன் சமுதாயத்தை எதிர்த்துப்போராடி,தன் பிள்ளைகளை வாழவைக்கும் தாயே ஒரு சிறந்த பெண்மணி.

In Chennai a woman who forced her daughter into the sex trade and a social worker were among three women arrested on Friday 27-1-2012 during raids conducted by the Anti-Vice Squad at two brothels in north Chennai. Five women rescued from the two brothels were later sent to the Government Home in Mylapore. All of them told police they had been forced into the trade.

Police said that acting on specific information that Usha Jain (47) and Jagadeeswari (48) were running a prostitution racket at Vinyagapuram in the Kolathur area, a special team from the Anti-Vice Squad went to the spot posing as customers and arrested the duo.

A police officer first approached one of the women who demanded Rs 5,000 for “services” at the house. After confirming that prostitution was being carried out there, the officer alerted other members of the team who were waiting outside. They barged in and arrested the two women pimps and rescued four girls. One of the rescued girls was identified as the daughter of Usha Jain. Both mother and daughter had been abandoned by their husbands, police said.

In another operation at Kolathur at Chennai, police arrested 37-year-old Vela alias Velankanni, who claimed to be a social worker in Korukkupet, and rescued a girl from her house.

Usha Jain, Jagadeeswari and Velankanni were produced before a metropolitan magistrate’s court in Saidapet before being remanded in judicial custody at the Puzhal prison.

We have already told in our previous video that Lured by dreams of riches and luxurious lives, even housewives and college students are voluntarily getting into the trade that is proved now genuine by the above sexual activities by Usha Jain. I am again telling that there is a proverb in Tamil “a good family is a good University”. All family people must remember that golden word.


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