Posted by: ramrajya | March 14, 2012

Animals in the Vandalur Zoo are our friends.

Animals in the Vandalur Zoo are our friends.

வன விலங்குகளை வண்டலூரில் பார்த்து மகிழ்வோம்.

Arignar Anna Zoological Park is located in Vandalur, near Chennai. This Zoo is also known as Vandalur Zoo. Located about 30 kms from Chennai City. The Park was the first public zoo in India

Vandalur Zoo is originally created in 1855 near Park Town, Chennai City. Later in 1875, this zoo had expanded and moved out of the city. In 1979, the Tamilnadu Forest department moved this zoo to Vandalur reserve forest, which is occupied about 1300 acres. This zoo was inaugurated in year 1985 and it’s one of the largest in South Asia.

This Zoo is habitated wide rang of animals and birds. There are totally 81 enclosures. More than 170 species of mammals, aviaries and reptiles are exhibited in the zoo.

The zoo’s ecosystem consists of dry deciduous and dry evergreen scrub forest receiving an average annual rainfall of 1400 mm. The zoo is named after renowned Tamil politician, Arignar Anna. The zoo attracts nearly 800,000 visitors annually.

I have taken some pictures of the animals in the Zoo and exhibiting it before you. Please the animals and enjoy.

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