Posted by: ramrajya | March 17, 2012

Whether Actor Ranjitha and Nithyananda samiar intimate position video was morphed?

Actor Ranjitha and Nithyananda samiar intimate position video was morphed?

நடிகை ரஞ்சிதாவும் நித்யானந்தா சாமியாரும் நெருக்கமாக
இருக்கும் வீடியோ போலியானதா?

Nithyananda samiyar and actor Ranjitha addressed a press
conference at Chennai on Thursday [15-3-2012], eight months after their first,
and declared that the video tape showing them in an intimate position was
Nithyananda said the tape had been sent to four US-based forensic
agencies which “confirmed that it had been morphed. The agencies, which work
closely with the FBI, gave 60 reasons to prove their point.” He claimed that
the software used to morph the video was sophisticated and could not be
detected by labs in India.
He said some people tried to blackmail him using the video.
Asked why they did not approach police or the media earlier,
Ranjitha told reporters: “I had a family to take care of. I needed time to
prove the video was fabricated. I have always considered Nithyananda god.”
 Nithyananda said, “I don’t want to create new enemies, but I
will surely defend myself against those who consider me their enemy. I trust
the judiciary.”
On the charge that he had amassed huge wealth, Nithyananda said,
“I can assure you that I have property of less than 100 crore.” Nithyananda
requested police to keep his former employee Lenin Karuppan, arrested on
Wednesday for alleged blackmail, in jail as he was “a threat to society.”
Karuppan had released the video to the media.

Already during 2010
Karnataka CID’s Deputy IGP Charan Reddy said. The
CD was sent to Central Forensic Science Laboratory Hyderabad for analysis where it was found to
be authentic, he said. “The video footage is genuine. It is un-tampered and
there is no indication of alteration in the video.Now
it is the
that remains is whether the Tamil Nadu police will take into consideration the
findings of the Karnataka police and findout the truth.
I am neither a foe of samiar nor the friend of Lenin
Let us
hope if the truth will come the people will feel happier.           


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