Posted by: ramrajya | April 2, 2012

Jayalalithaa must be more cautious with Sasikala after re-admitting her in AIADMK.

Jayalalithaa must be more cautious with Sasikala after re-admitting her in AIADMK.

சசிகலா மீண்டும் கட்சி உள் விவகாரத்தில் நுழைந்து ஆதரவாளர்களைத் திரட்டினால், அது ஜெயலலிதாவின் ஆட்சிக்கு அவப் பெயரை உண்டாக்கும்.
ஜெயலலிதா எச்சரிக்கையாக இருக்கவேண்டும்.

Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa on 31-3-2012 Saturday revoked the disciplinary action initiated against her long-time aide Sasikalaa Natarajan but reiterated that her relatives and close associates would remain expelled from the AIADMK.

In a statement, Jayalalithaa said, “Sasikalaa had written a letter to me. She also released a similar statement. I accept her explanation. The disciplinary action against her stands cancelled.”

Sasikalaa’s letter was released as a statement by the Jaya Plus channel last week. The AIADMK leader had thrown her friend out of her Poes Garden residence in December last and expelled her and her relatives from the primary membership of the party. She had also directed party members not to have any ties with any of them. Sasikala is also an accused in the disproportionate assets case.

Jayalalithaa said while Sasikalaa’s expulsion had been revoked, the party would not take back her relatives, including husband M Natarajan, brother Divakaran, nephews T T V Dinakaran, V Bhaskaran, V N Sudhakaran and S Venkatesh, and several others. She once again cautioned partymen not to associate themselves with them.

The CM had a change of heart after Sasikalaa wrote to her on March 28, saying she was unaware of the conspiracy hatched by her relatives to betray Jayalalithaa, and all she wanted to do was to share some of her friend’s burden and serve her. Sasikalaa’s two-page letter, later released as a statement on the television channel that has the CM’s backing, also stated that she was snapping ties with all her relatives. Sasikalaa also said she did not yearn for any post or position and had no desire to be in public life.

In what was then seen as an attempt to clean up the AIADMK and refurbish its image, the party chief distanced herself from her friend Sasikala of nearly three decades and the latter’s relatives and associates.

She expelled Sasikalaa and 15 of her relatives from the party in December last for allegedly acting as a parallel power centre and wielding extra-constitutional authority in the party and the government.

Senior AIADMK leaders declined to comment on party supreme J Jayalalithaa revoking the suspension of her former aide Sasikalaa. “We will accept the decision of our Amma (Jayalithaa). Whatever she decides, it will be good for us and our party,” said a senior AIADMK member.

It is our opinion that jayalalitha must now be more alert with her friends activities after her re-entery to the party and sasaikala also to be warned that she should not create supporters for her activities. If sasikalas entry takes back to her olden days regime it will bring bad name to Jyalaithaa.


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