Posted by: ramrajya | April 19, 2012

Tirunamool member’s uncultured action of stripping a CPM workers wife dresses for damaging hooch shop.

Tirunamool member’s uncultured action of stripping a CPM workers wife dresses for damaging hooch shop.

சாராயக்கடையை சேதப்படுத்தியதற்காக சி,பி.எம். தொண்டரின் மனைவியின் மேலாடையை திருநாமூல் கட்சியினர் உருவினார்கள்.

Times of India in its issue dated 19-4-2012 has stated that Trinamool Congress men beat a 38-year-old woman, confined her near a temple, tore off her clothes and forced her to walk half-naked to her home at Kanaidighi village in West Bengal’s East Midnapore district. The woman incurred the wrath of Trinamool members after she led the women in her area two months ago for damaging a local hooch shop.

After the torture and humiliation in the presence of her 16-year-old son and daughter on Sunday, the woman consumed poison and was admitted to Contai sub divisional hospital.

Police put up a barricade around the hospital to stop “strangers” from meeting the woman. Her younger son Toton and daughter are afraid to return home and are living at the hospital. Her husband Keshab Das is a member of the CPM and had fled home after Trinamool came to power in Bengal.

The woman’s torture was a considered move by the Trinamool men. They took the decision at a village salishi sabha (conciliation meeting) and had the approval of village elders, who wanted the woman to pay a “penalty” for her rebellion that caused a “huge loss to the local hooch trader”.

A few days ago, state food minister Jyotipriya Mullick had prescribed social ostracisation of the CPM in a bid to spread political hatred among Trinamool ranks. Some political observers said the woman’s torture seemed a grim manifestation of the growing intolerance of the ruling party in Bengal.

Das’ younger son Toton mustered courage to lodge a complaint at the police station against 21 local Trinamool members, three days after his mother was tortured. The Trinamool men had threatened him not to talk about his mother’s plight to his neighbours or leak it to the media. In his complaint, Toton said the miscreants had threatened to rape his mother.

Lying in the hospital bed, the woman said, “After the hooch shop demolition, some youth ganged up against my younger son. They accused him of creating ruckus while playing carom. A few days later, some Trinamool men told me to hold a meeting to settle the dispute. I refused.”

So, the Trinamool members organized a meeting and asked her to attend. “At the meeting, they asked me to pay Rs 50,000 as penalty for the damage to the hooch shop. I said I did not do it not alone, there were others, too,” she said.

Police have not made much progress in their probe. Preliminary investigation revealed there was a brawl while playing carom but molestation of the woman is yet to be established.

As per the fundamental rights of Indian constitution every Indian can express his own thoughts and can voice it, if it is not prejudice to our country welfare. As a Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banaerjee must propagate friendship with all party men and she must instruct her minister’s not to preach enmity between our Indian people. In India we are having several religion, parties and castes, but our motto shall be love with all people and live with all.


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