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Kumbakonam Sri.Ramar Temple to Govindhapuram Sri. Bodhendrar Athistanam.[With Pictures]

Kumbakonam Sri.Ramar Temple to Govindhapuram Sri. Bodhendrar Athistanam.[With Pictures]

கும்பகோணம் இராமர் கோயில் முதல் கோவிந்தபுரம் ஸ்ரீ போதேந்திரர் அதிஷ்டானம் வரை. [ஸ்ரீ மகிஷாசுர மர்தினி பாடலுடன்.]

On 22-4-2012, I went on a pilgrimage to have Dharsan of Temples from Kumbakonam Sri.Ramar Temple to Govindhapuram. First I have seen Sri. Ramar Temple and then Thiruvalanchuli Vinayakar temple,Pattesswaram Durgai Amman temple,Kalabairavar temple,Thirubhuvanam Siva temple,Pandaripuram SriVittal Rukmani temple and then Kanchi 59th peetathipathi Jagath Guru Sri Bodhendra Saraswathi Swamigal Athistanam at Govindapuram. I have published those divinely temples pictures thro “You Tube’.

Patteeswaram is situated just 8 kms from Kumbakonam. Sri Durgai shrine is very popular here.Originally Patteeswaram is known for the Shiva Temple called Sri Dhenupureeswarar temple located here. Goddess is Gnanambikai.

Patteeswaram got its name as, Patti, daughter (calf) of sacred cow Kamadhenu worshipped here. According to legend, Parasakthi wanted to perform Thapas and was trying to locate a peaceful place. She found this place and started her Thapas.

Knowing this, Kamadhenu, sent her daughter to be of help to Parasakthi during the Thapas. Lord Shiva, pleased with the Devi’s Thapas gave Dharshan to her here and assumed the name, Gabardeeswarar.

On seeing this, Patti who was helping Devi for her Thapas, also installed a Shiva Linga and started worshipping Lord Shiva here. Lord Shiva was pleased with her worship and blessed Patti here and hence the place got named after Patti as Patteeswaram.

Once, Thirugnaana Sambandar came walking down to Patteeswaram to have the dharshan of Lord Shiva. As it was hot summer, he was finding it difficult with scorching heat. Lord Shiva, realizing Sambandar’s pain, ordered his Bhoodha Ganas to hold a Muthu Pandhal (Umbrella woven with pearls) along the way to the temple, so that Sambandar can walk in the shadow.

Also Lord Shiva was too eager to see Sambandar. He was looking at the way to the temple from his Sanctum. As Nandhi was sitting in front of the Lord, he couldn’t view properly. And Lord Shiva ordered Nandhi to move a bit, so that his view is not obstructed and Nandhi obeyed. Sambandar with overwhelming joy, sung 10 hymns on Lord Shiva here. Even today, one can see Nandhi facing a bit away from the Lord.[See the picture}

Sri Durga (also called Vishnu Durga) in this temple has been installed by Cholas. Sri Lord Rama has worshipped Sri Durga Devi here before moving towards Sri Lanka for his war against Ravana. Pictures of Sri Ramar temple to Govindhapuram Athistanam can be seen from “You Tube” Video.

Sri.Durgai Amma Saranam. Sri.Durgai Amma Saranam.


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