Posted by: ramrajya | May 6, 2012

Controversial Nithyananda’s appointment would ruin mutt, says PIL filed by Advocate.

Controversial Nithyananda’s appointment would ruin mutt, says PIL filed by Advocate.

நித்யானந்தாவின் ஆன்மிக உரை “நான் மயிர் எடுக்காதது ஒரு விஷயமா?”

Junior Vikatan in its issue dated 9-5-2012 has published the interview with Nithyananda. In his interview Nithyananda says when there is a lot of problem in Hindu Religion, whether the hair not removed by me is a problem for them? [நான் மயிர் எடுக்காதது ஒரு விஷயமா?] The way of talking by Nithyananda is only like a local rowdy challenging the other learned Saivite Mutt Heads. I have told everything as published in the Junior Vikatan thro “You Tube”.

The Madras high court has asked the Hindu religious and charitable endowments (HR&CE) department and the Madurai Adheenam to maintain status quo in respect to the protection of properties belonging to the mutt.

An interim direction to this effect was issued by a vacation bench comprising Justices C S Karnan and K Ravichandra Babu on Thursday, after advocate S Prabakaran submitted that appointment of Nithyananda as the mutt’s next pontiff would sound death-knell for the centuries-old seat of Saivism.

The matter relates to a PIL filed by an advocate seeking to restrain the HR&CE commissioner and adheenam from permitting Nithyananda to hold the post. When the case came up for hearing, Prabakaran submitted that the head of an adheenam is an administrative as well as financial controller of the mutt according to Section 6(22) of the Tamil Nadu HR&CE Act 1959.

Noting that the Act stipulated that a trustee should not suffer any mental defect or have been convicted of any offence or involved in moral delinquencies, he said making Nithyananda the 293 rd guru of the adheenam was an ill-conceived move. It is not intended to better the Saivite cause, Prabakaran said, and wanted the court to quash the appointment. The bench has adjourned the matter to June 4 for further hearing.

Let Nithyananda remain in his own Bidadi Ashramam and contribute his work for the development of Hindu Religion.


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