Posted by: ramrajya | May 13, 2012

The HR&CE Department is having powers to remove Nithyananda.

The HR&CE Department is having powers to remove Nithyananda.

மதுரை ஆதீன மடத்தை அரசு கையகப் படுத்த முடியும்.

Junior Vikatan in its issue dated 16-5-2012 has published an interview with Advocate Gowthaman.

Gowthaman says that Hindu Religious and endowment Board can question the Mutt if they are not functioning in a proper way and they can take over the mutt, if the Mutt Head was involved in criminal cases and the accounts of Mutt were not maintained properly.

The Mutt head was having power to select a person as a junior pontiff but if he is not a fit person the Hindu Religious Endowment Department can cancel his nomination as junior pontiff. Advocate Gowtham says, particularly in Nithyananda case there are lot of cases pending against him in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. As such Hindu Religious Endowment Board with its powers under section 59 and 60 can notify that Nithyananda nomination as junior pontiff is not valid.

Hear more thro “You Tube”.


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