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The sexual depictions in our Temple like Khajuraho were to educate the people.

The sexual
depictions in our Temple
Khajuraho were to educate the
இல்லற வாழ்வின் மேன்மையை விளக்கும் காஜுரோஹா கோயில்
சிற்பங்கள். .

The Thirukkural expounds on
various aspects of life and is one of the most important works in the Tamil
language consists of two lines. Thiruvalluvar took the work (Thirukkural). The
133 chapters are grouped into three sections:
அறம், aram?)
பொருள், poru?) Wealth and (இன்பம், inpam?) Pleasure. Kanchi Sri Chandra Sekara Saraswathi
Swamigal has also explained the four paths of life to follow in human life.

In Hinduism Dharma, Artha,
Kama, and Moksha are the four Purusharthas of a Hindu’s life and sex is an
integral part of life, which is part of the four Purusharthas.The
“Kama” means those activities, which give us pleasure and
satisfaction. Sex is also one of those activities which give great pleasure and

The ancient Khajuraho Temple
in Madhya Pradesh, India is well known for the
sculptures on it. Here the statues of men and women are depicted as having sex
in different positions. The builders of the Khajuraho temple were Rajputs and
were followers of Waam-maarga or left-handed Tantra, an acceptable way of
attaining Moksha.

The sculptors created those
pieces of arts are only outside the temple because it signifies that all those
feelings must be left outside the temple, before entering the inner sanctum.
There are no such sculptures inside the temple. The sculptures are also on
Konark temples exterior. It is a metaphysical symbolism. Hinduism recognizes
the role of sexual desires in human lives.

The sexual depictions in some
of the temples were mean to not only educate the people, but also to help those
who were involved in sexual sadhanas for enlightment. There is a difference
between Nudity and expression of beauty and pornography. What appears in Hindu
puranas and Ithihasas are the expressions of genuine beauty and not

The carving of such bold
sculptors denotes the free thinking creative minority existing in India at that time.
This also signifies that Scythians, Huns, and Kushans assimilation in Hindu
society was complete by then. The freeness of the society towards discussing
sex empirically and scientifically reveals about the overall openness of the

The sexual carvings we see in
Khajuraho temple walls are mirror of ancient time. The people of that age took
a strong view of life and gave sex its due place. Khajuraho temple walls have
most sexual poses inscribed in ancient text of Kamasutra. Kamasutra was believed
as science to attain the best carnal ecstasy. The objective of Kamasutra was to
educate methods and purpose of attaining sexual satisfaction.

Let us all see the sculptures of Khajuraho thro “You
Tube’ and my request not take it
in the sense of pornography. Our Children may see
it after attaining the proper age. 

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