Posted by: ramrajya | June 9, 2012

A Sikh molested several girls attend Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Barge

A Sikh molested several girls attend Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Barge

பல பெண்களிடம் தவறாக நடந்து கொண்ட சீக்கியர் ராணி எலிசபெத் நடத்திய விழாவில் கலந்து கொண்டார்.

Times of India News paper have published the following News in its paper dated 8-6-2012. The mystery of an unknown Sikh on Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Barge that sailed down the Thames to mark the monarch’s diamond jubilee has been solved. An investigation by a British tabloid has found that the man was a sex offender who spent four years in a British prison.

But the mystery about who invited Harbinder Singh Rana, 52, still remains. Rana was jailed in the 1980s for posing as a doctor and groping and molesting several women on the pretext of performing internal examinations or administering injections.

Rana has since rejigged himself as a pillar of the community and wormed his way into the good books of Elizabeth’s son Prince Charles. Rana was found guilty of five counts of indecent assault, 11 counts of assault causing bodily harm and one count of attempted assault in August 1986. “In an astonishing error of judgment the Sikh charity director, who now lives in Walsall in the West Midlands, was allowed to mingle with VIPs on the Royal Barge during Sunday’s river pageant,” said the Daily Mirror article. “The convicted sex attacker was at times during the 1,000 boat extravaganza just feet from the Queen herself-.”Sources told TOI that Rana, also a former management consultant, was invited to join the exclusive set by Prince Charles in his capacity as community leader. He is understood to have met the prince through his charity work for the Anglo-Sikh heritage trail, a group that promotes Sikh culture in Britain.

The prince’s staff appeared to be unaware of Rana’s shameful past. It is not known if security checks were done on Rana.

“I was given the invitation and I attended. The fact that the Prince of Wales invited me clearly shows what I have done for the community since then,” Rana told the British daily. “I have made it clear I wasn’t representing the Sikh community, I was there because I was very happy to be invited.” However, the incident has created outrage in Britain about vetting procedures in place to protect the British royal family. An investigation is likely to follow.

A spokesman for Charles said: “Harbinder Singh was asked to take part in the pageant as he is a leading member of the Sikh community and someone who has done a lot of charitable work.”

It is people’s desire that Harbinder Singh should rectify himself and not to bring a shame to his community.


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