Posted by: ramrajya | June 14, 2012

Tamil Nadu people welcome C.M. Sadananda Gowda action against Nithyananda.

Tamil Nadu people welcome C.M. Sadananda Gowda action against Nithyananda.

நித்யானந்தாவை கைது செய்ய ஆணையிட்ட கர்நாடக முதல்வரை, தமிழக மக்கள் பாராட்டுகிறார்கள்.

Controversial Nityananda, who was missing from his ashram for five days following allegations of sexual exploitation of women, was Wednesday 13-6-2012 taken into “protective custody” by Karnataka Police.

The surrender and subsequent arrest of Nithyananda in Karnataka on several charges, including sexual harassment, on Wednesday 13-6-2012 triggered strong reactions in Tamil Nadu with several sections welcoming it.

A former senior functionary of the Tamil Nadu Congress Committee and leader of the Madurai Adheenam Protection Committee N S S Nellai Kannan thanked Karnataka chief minister Sadanand Gowda for taking action against Nithyananda. He told TOI, “The Karnataka chief minister’s action will save not only the Madurai Adheenam but the image of Shaivaites. We thank Gowda and have also sent petitions to the Hindu religious & charitable endowments commissioner of Tamil Nadu to remove Nithyananda from the post of the Madurai junior pontiff.” Similarly, other Shaivate adheenams, including Dharmapuram and Thirupanandhal welcomed the Karnataka government’s move.

Thirupanandhal Adheenam head Muthukumarasami Thambiran said Nithyananda’s arrest had justified the demand for his removal from the junior pontiff post. “We have been objecting to his anointment as the next pontiff of the Madurai adheenam. Heads of twelve adheenams passed a resolution on May 1 against his appointment. We don’t want to comment on the action being taken by the Karnataka government. But it has every right to take action against a god man if he has done anything wrong,” Muthukumara Thambiran said.

Tamil Nadu people welcome C.M. Sadananda Gowda action against Nithyananda


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