Posted by: ramrajya | June 15, 2012

Athletic gold medalist Pinki is a male or female? Her friend says she has raped her.

Athletic gold medalist Pinki is a male or female? Her friend says she has raped her.

விளையாட்டு வீராங்கனை பிங்கி ஆணா?பெண்ணா? அவர் தன்னை கற்பழித்ததாக மற்றொரு பெண் கூறி உள்ளார்.

There is a interesting case published in the News papers that whether a girl with both male and female traits can rape another Girl. Asian Games gold medalist Pinki Pramanik was arrested on Thursday after the athlete’s live-in girlfriend claimed Pinki was male and habitually raped and assaulted her. Pinki had won gold in the women’s 4×400 meters relay in 2006 at Doha, Qatar, but retired two years ago after a car crash.

Police have moved the Barasat district court to seek a medical examination to determine Pinki’s gender after an external examination at a private clinic revealed that the athlete had both male as well as female reproductive organs. Biddhannagar police commissioner Rajeev Kumar said the case (which has charges of rape, assault and impersonation) depends entirely on the medical verdict.

Pinki, however, managed to stave off the examination. “I have undergone numerous tests during my career as an athlete. Why should I agree to more ridiculous tests?” Pinki told reporters outside the court, alleging that the complainant was levelling false charges because of a debt of . 3 lakh.

The police believe they have conclusive evidence which they will produce before the court on Friday to force a medical examination. If the tests prove Pinki is male and if the charge of rape is proved, the former athlete may face life imprisonment and lose all the medals since they would be deemed as “unfairly won on the track”.

After retirement, Pinki bought a two-storied house in 2009 and settled down. The retired athlete allegedly developed a relationship with the 32-year-old wife of a next-door neighbour, leading to the couple’s separation in 2010. While the father and child moved out of the rented house, the woman moved into Pinki’s. On Wednesday, the woman rushed into Baguiati police station around 9pm and stunned the cops with her accusations.

When Pinki was summoned to the police station, she said she was feeling unwell and was taken to a nursing home, where police sought advice from the doctors on the patient’s gender. Two doctors did a physical examination and concluded that Pinki showed both male and female traits. “It is an extremely rare case. In all probability, both the reproductive systems are incomplete,” said one of the doctors.

God Arthanareeswar can only explain whether pinky is a female or male?


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