Posted by: ramrajya | June 20, 2012

There is no wrong in Thailand Artist drawing picture with her bare body as paint brush.

There is no wrong in Thailand Artist drawing picture with her bare body as paint brush.

ஓவியர்கள் இளமை எழில் கொஞ்சும் பெண்களின் ஓவியங்களை வரையும்போது அழகுள்ள பெண்களை அருகில் வைத்துத் தான் உயிரோவியமாக தீட்டுவார்கள்.

An episode of ‘Thailand’s Got Talent’ has stirred a morality debate after a contestant painted a canvas using her bare breasts. The show, broadcast on Sunday 17-6-2012 on Thailand’s Channel 3, featured 23-year-old Duangjai Jansaunoi, who walked onstage barefoot in jeans and a baggy men’s button-down shirt and introduced herself as an independent artist from the north.

She then turned to a large canvas and painted a yellow outline of a person. She then removed her shirt, unhooked a black bra and doused herself with paint. She then used her body as a paintbrush to fill in the outline. “If I paint in a normal way, then it would be too ordinary,” she said.

In olden days for drawing beautiful lively pictures of ladies the artists will make the ladies in nude position and draw pictures. The great artists Ravivarma’s Sakunthala and other artist’s pictures like Monalisa smiling face will talk with us. It was told that in Hindu Temple’s sculptures of dancing ladies were made by having real ladies as models.

This program artist talent is intended to showcase the talent of Thai people and it usually encourages youths to show their special skills and there is no fault in this.

“This is an art form. If we were in Italy, like Florence or Milan, or the Czech Republic, say Prague, this would be OK,” said singer Jirayut Wattanasin. The audience roared in support, many flashing “V for victory” signs.

See the lady artist talent in drawing pictures.


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