Posted by: ramrajya | June 21, 2012

With giving false profiles in matrimonial site a man cheated nearly fifty Girls.

With giving false profiles in matrimonial site a man cheated nearly fifty Girls.

திருமண வலை தளத்தில் பொய்யானத் தகவல்களைத் தந்து ஐம்பது பெண்களை ஏமாற்றிய ஜகதலப்பிரதாபன்.
The elaborate profiles a 26 year old man posted on matrimonial sites, under different names and with different addresses, convinced several women that he was their dream man. Each got ‘married’ to him and spent a few days before he fled with her jewellery and cash. One of them, Iniath (name changed) of Triplicane, went to the police and a central crime branch team is now in Bangalore to nab Amir Khan, 26.

Amir Khan Saw Iniath profile in a matrimonial website and got in touch. He claimed he was a software engineer based in Los Angeles and proposed to her. Iniath, police said, flew to Mumbai and met Amir Khan at a hotel. He took her to a sub-registrar’s office where they got married. After a day in the hotel, Khan withdrew Rs 50,000 using Initha’s ATM card citing some reason.
He returned and gave her tea after which she swooned. She woke up and found her jewellery and belongings missing. Iniath called up Khan who said he had gone to meet his brother at Mumbai airport and would return soon. He didn’t. Iniath realised she had been cheated and contacted friends in Pune who sent her money to return to Chennai.

Police have slapped a cheating case against Amir Khan who was arrested in Bangalore on Thursday after complaints from several women who were fooled into marrying him. A police team grilled Khan at the commissioner’s office on Saturday following a specific complaint from Iniath (name changed), a BPO employee from Chennai that he had abandoned her in a Mumbai hotel

Police seized a laptop and seven mobile phones from Amir. “We found many photographs of women, their addresses and contact numbers. He had used several SIM cards to talk to women,” a police officer said.
Mostly girls who fall for looks of a guy will get this type of persons. Without informing their parents, they will fall in such traps to get used up and in the end giving police complaints. Many cases the girls get even pregnant and left over to fend for themselves. These girls won’t even consider other eligible ones who are not so nice in looks. We can only pity for their well being and future as nothing much can be done.
Girls must be vigilant before selecting a lover and they have to inform their parents to avoid displeasure at the end. 


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