Posted by: ramrajya | June 26, 2012

Whether Parents accepts Gay community marriage?

Whether Parents accepts Gay community marriage?

ஒரே இனக்காதலர்கள் திருமணத்தை பெற்றோர்கள் ஆதரிக்கிறார்களா?

I am going to tell you about LGBT pride March news published in News papers. Under a bright midday sun on Elliot’s Beach, a group of people dressed up in rainbow colours. Wearing shining masks, they held up colourful posters and banners. Some of the messages of the banner read like this:

“We are gay, but we still want to start a family and seek legal protection”, “Why can’t I marry my boyfriend”, “Hey there, we are a pink couple” and “Why can’t we adopt a child?” were some of the messages not just directed at the society but also the government.

Gay couples, who participated in the fourth Lesbian Gay Bisexuals Transgenders (LGBT) pride march that was held in the city on Sunday, wanted the society to accept them as they were and not just relegate the issue to just bullying.

“We want our parents and society to know that we are a couple and are in a relationship,” says Venkatraman Sunderraj who with his boyfriend Mohandas G K was holding the poster reading “Why can’t I marry my boyfriend?” The duo, who live together in an apartment at Tambaram, say their neighbours and families believe they are just bachelor friends.

hey say it is time the government and the society admit that a homosexual relationship is natural. “We also want the security of marriage. We also have the same dreams of registering our marriage and being blessed by our parents,” says Mohandas, who works as human resources manager at a multinational company. Even small things like naming their partner as a beneficiary in an insurance policy or will is not possible, like in a normal marriage, they added. The couple in fact believes that if they had been open about their relationship while house hunting, their apartment may have never come through.

Though it is legalized in more than 13 countries across the globe, adoption by a gay couple is not possible in India because laws do not recognize two men or women as a ‘couple’. The only way a gay person can have a child is by claiming to be a ‘single Hindu male’ during adoption or through surrogacy. However, marriage is still a distant dream for the LGBT community, say activists. “I think legalizing same sex marriages or adoption rights has a very long way to go in the country. Even the amendment to section 377, decriminalizing gay sex has not been taken up in many states and cities,” says popular gay rights activist Sunil Menon.

Several members from outside the community also turned up at the march to show their solidarity. It was particularly heartwarming to see Vinayak Ghunanikar, a retired government employee, proudly wearing a poster that read “I support my gay son”. He had flown down from Pune just for the march.

We cannot come to a conclusion about whether all parents are accepting these boy friends marriage and getting a child thro adoption. Moreover the Doctors and learned people of our society have to guide the younger generation by showing them the proper way to lead their life.


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