Posted by: ramrajya | June 27, 2012

Parasakthi Shivaji argued for her sister, Arthi Rao father charges Nithyananda’s fraud.

Parasakthi Shivaji argued for her sister, Arthi Rao father charges Nithyananda’s fraud.

பராசக்தியில் சிவாஜி தங்கைக்காக வாதாடுககிறார். பூசாரியைத் தாக்கினேன்,அவர் பக்தர் என்பதற்காக அல்ல பக்தி பகல் வேஷம் ஆகிவிட்டதை கண்டிப்பதற்காக.

In Parasakthi Movie Shivaji in searching for her sister Kalyani and he found that kalyani was molested by a Temple Poosari [Priest] and he attacked him and was arrested. His speech in the Court is a lesson for all the priests like Nithyananda who are spoiling the girls in the name of God.

Now a girl by name Arthi Rao in the name of Jeevan Mukthi was raped by Nithyananda. His father telling everything to the News Magazine “Junior Vikatan” and I am narrating the same to you.

In Parasakthi Shivaji tells whether it is the fault of God? No. In the name of God some priests with ulterior bad motives are molesting the girls. He says that if I had attacked the priest is because for his lowest desire of behaviour with my sister and my intention is that Temple should not become the house of Rowdies and cheaters.

Shivaji further says that the fault is with the government in not eliminating these bad priests from the public and if no action is taken a large number of Kalyani’s like her sister will be deceived by the so-called controversy priests.


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