Posted by: ramrajya | July 9, 2012

Liquor bottles for DMK Men arrested in agitation.

Liquor bottles for DMK Men arrested in agitation.

போராட்டத்தில் தி.மு.க., வினர் தங்கிய பள்ளி குடி மையமாக மாறிய அவலம்.

DMK men courted arrest across the State on Wednesday 4-7-2012 by assembling near government offices as part of the party’s ‘fill-the-jails’ agitation against the alleged foisting of cases and arrests of senior party functionaries by the government. However, they could not fill the prisons as they planned, as they were all released in the evening.

In Villupuram district at Ulundurpet, the arrested DMK protestors were housed in the Boys Higher Secondary School and in Thirunavalur the arrested men were housed in R.P.K. Higher Secondary school till evening. For the arrested DMK men Police themselves supplied liquor bottles and the volunteers after drinking them thrown it outside the class Room. The Picture was released in some magazines showing the liquor bottles. It clearly shows how the agitation was conducted.

As per Chief Minister Jayalalithaa statement “The agitation was held to deceive the people” Only.


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