Posted by: ramrajya | July 12, 2012

Nithyananda and Thirty Two Girls.

Nithyananda and Thirty Two Girls.

நித்யானந்தாவும் முப்பத்திரண்டு பெண்களும்.

Junior Vikatan Tamil Magazine had an interview with Arthi Rao who was said to be raped forty times by Nithyananda. The magazine has published the conversation of the interview with Arthi Rao in its magazine dated 15-7-2012.

Arthi Rao has given a 43 page affidavit with Karnataka C.I.D.Police and the police are now taking action on that.

Arthi Rao says “Devotees who go to Nithyananda’s ashram are all brainwashed. There are thousands of well-off devotees (educated) who have donated crores of rupees to his ashram.”

Arthi Rao says that according to her account, that 32 girls were affected by Nithyananda. Most of the girls were worked as personal secretary to Nithi. They were given titles as Mayi [Mother] and they were totally upset by Nith’s activities and they were unable to explain it openly to others. Arthi Rao says that four girls are going to come out shortly and going to submit their complaints which are going to be a big shock to Nithyananda.

Please hear the full story thro “You Tube.”


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